Camino Complete – July 22, 2011
After 36 days on trail and 517 miles of hiking we made it.  The Camino threw a lot of tough days at us with long hot stretches in the Meseta, rainy passes in the mountains, countless 30km+ days in a row, and a variety of other fun obstacles, but our crew of 20 kept our spirits up and in the end we prevailed.  On July 22, 2011 we stolled to the high sea cliffs of Cabo Finisterre and celebrated our completion of the Camino de Santiago.  For a full accounting of our journey, take a browse through our blog and our photos.

Camino de Santiago - Finish at Cabo Finisterre

June 15, 2011
And we’re off
.  The crew is out right now hiking the 500 mile Camino de Santiago in Spain and also raising money for the UNC Lineberger Cancer Center. You can help out and follow along with us all summer long….here’s how.  You can help with our fundraising effort by donating here on our site, you can follow along with us with live GPS tracking every step of the way here on our site, you can read daily updates here, weekly updates here, comment on our hike, or just do the good old fashioned look at photos below on our picassa album updated a few times per day.

Recent News – June 14th 2011:
Our going away dinner.  We all got together for one last planning meeting to make sure that everyone has everything together before flying out, and also to pick up our shirts.

El Camino 2011 Group

Recent News – April 17th 2011:

El Camino 2011 Crew

The time is approaching for us to head off on our journey to Spain.  We had a planning meeting last night, and what better way to get ready for a long hiking trip than bowling and pizza.  We did actually do alot of planning, but had some fun while we were at it.  We’re busy getting gear together, launching our fundraising campaign, and getting a shakedown trip ready.  Stay tuned for more Spanish style updates.

Background on who we are – Welcome to the El Camino 2011 crew page.  It’s a rather long story of who we are and how we all got together, but the basic gist is that we’re a crew of Scouts from Troop 845, alot of Eagle Scout alumni, and some other random assortments of people that think it’d be really fun to hike across Spain this summer.  Our plan is to fly to Madrid on June 15th and then begin the 500 mile long trek that is well over 1000 years old that will take us from the Pyrenees in Southwest France all the way to Western shore of Spain at Finisterra.

A large portion of this group is comprised of Cycle 20Ten riders, a group of 16 bikers that rode across the United States in the summer of 2010.  During that ride we worked with UNC’s Lineberger Cancer Center where we raised over 20,000 for cancer research.  This summer we’ll be back at it so before and during our hike across Spain we’ll be raising money and awareness for our cause of helping find a cure for cancer.